Welcome To Our Underwater Breather Equipment Store!

We sell the ultimate tank-less underwater equipment available on the market today. Many people have had experience with Snuba or Hookah diving equipment while on vacation. Snuba does not sell their equipment to the general public. Snuba equipment uses big air tanks carried on rafts. Our units combine a compressor with a tank, so you never run out of air.

If you came here looking to buy Snuba gear, rest assured what you have found is even better. Our air lines are longer giving you a wider range, and more freedom, and our tank-less underwater gear lets you go to depths up to 40 feet.

Our systems will host a single diver, our dual unit supports two divers at the same time, and our deluxe model will support 3 divers. No license or certification is required to use or buy this equipment.

These are the best surfaced supplied air compressors made anywhere. They are hand assembled – made and assembled in the USA, and expected to run for over 20 years. The regulators that are included in the package are high quality, and can be used with regular scuba equipment. Fill out our contact form on the right for more information.